Brand Wainao: Controversy, Questioning and the Reversible T-Shirt

by on Apr 04, 2017

Wainao is a new French brand whose concept is to revisit the history of the world through series of significant dates and events. They portray these events on t-shirts with art and riddles. The brand partners with artists to develop t-shirts that pay tribute to historic events of France and the World while showcasing the artists talent and unique perception. Wainao has released the incredibly unique series of DOUBLE REVERSIBLE TEE SHIRTS and CLASSIK TEE SHIRTS. We are proud to partner with such a passionate brand.

In the words of those behind the Wainao Brand:
WAINAO is a revolution in the tee shirt business . This new brand from PARIS “that wants to kill NIKE !..”,  .  represents a major change from an artistic and economic point of view. It has the potential to become the  “ UBER” of the fashion industry.

WAINAO comes with an incredible concept, which is to revisit the history of the world through a series of dates and events that are considered significant. They do this in the form of puzzles and the originality of the project lies in the fact that they work with a new duet of artists(one for the visual and an other for the text) for each new event they choose to talk about. Artists create works about the subject, then, these works are exhibited on the same support; namely WAINAO; an unique model of double reversible tee shirt made by assembling 2 t-shirts, which allows to wear the garment on both sides. Each WAINAO consists of 4 elements distributed on the faces of the two t-shirts: -a date, a puzzle phrase, a visual and a text- each are index to determine which event they speak about.

Now, WAINAO has just released a stunning collection of classic tee shirts based on its first enigmas and still realized by artists. New comer in a very competitive business, WAINAO founders are extremely confident.

First of all, they just broke all advantages that great brands could have by thinking outside the box.  Like Philippe, the founder says it:  

“Everybody makes same mistakes for 25 years, trying to beat NIKE at its own game Just because they thought like everybody else that: Sport is about athletes, so if you want to promote sport, you got to associate your brand with great athletes. The brand with the greatest  athletes wins it all. Very simple..and very WRONG.  SPORT Belongs to everybody, you just have to find another way to talk about it. That’s what we did and that’s why we ‘re going to beat NIKE!  MONOPOLES are falling down one after another and it’s going to be the same here… The time where you could put just a logo on a cheap tee shirt and wait for the money just because KOBE BRYANT, CHRISTIANO RONALDO or ROGER FEDERER  wears it, is OVER!! In the future companies will be judged by the quality of their products,.”

Second of all, incredibly talented artists (mainly pencil drawers) all over the world,  constitutes the DNA of the project.  That’s why WAINAO is more than a tee shirt brand. That’s a new space of modern expression, playful, urban and interactive. It offers an interesting alternative in terms of reclaiming public space by people. This idea that the street could be transformed into a gigantic gallery of ART and not only in advertising panels, is of the most seductive.

“There will never be enough museums and galleries to welcome all the artists of the world, on the other hand, there is one thing that keeps growing, THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. We enable each individual to become the showcase of the artists he appreciates or the subjects that are close to his heart. It’s complicated to walk around with a book, an article or a painting under your arm. However, everyone have a tee shirt and when he is carrying a riddle, he becomes a source of de facto interactions. It is almost impossible to spend an evening with a date and a puzzle on the tee shirt, without at least one of your friends asking you a question about it …”

By mixing art, history and culture, WAINAO is on the way to realizing this old dream, namely; Make clothes the reflection of personality. We are not surprised that they’ve already been approached by investors from CHINA and QATAR . We, all, will be very attentive to the evolution in the next few months.

You can view the Wainao website here, their brand page here.

Check out some of the incredible designs from Wainao: 

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